Sunday, June 20, 2010


Bula everyone! Fiji is just getting better and better the longer I am here- projects are going well, and it is so fun to get to know these amazing people on a personal basis! When we walk down the street, it's like we are celebrities here- everyone is yelling your name- "Rachelle, Rachelle, bula bula Rachelle!" as you walk down the road. It's a little embarrassing because I have no idea what their names are, so I just say "bula! how are you?" back. pretty much every time. But when you finally do learn their name, they seriously LOVE it- they get so pumped. Anyways, I dont have much time, so i'm just going to give you some pictures! they loaded backwards- it's the most recent to the oldest- so just scroll down and look at them from the bottom up, for my sanity. Thanks.
Sorry, I cant get this right side up- just some kids watchin us build a stove
Me, Sarah, Courtney, Lisa, Nicolle- Last night for first wavers sulu party!
Beautiful sunset right in front of my house
Susie-Q and her daughter Fanny! I teach Susie piano lessons

Courtney, Me, and Kayla in a carrier! those are the best. I dont know if I have explained those before, all it really is is you pay to ride in the back of a truck! bomb.
Tavua kindergarten music class! That gets a little crazy, to say the least

peace 2u my brother. Courtney, Sarah, me, Lisa, Nicolle. Thuggin

Beautiful view from the plane!!!!! UNREAL

uh...... sorry mom. proooobably the best experience of my life

I have never enjoyed a mcdonalds meal more. never spent so much money for it either

Tavua market! This is where I buy all my fruit

Teachin the kinnie gartners. at the moment, we are doing the hokey pokey. they love it

Average Fijian house. This is actually on the nicer scale- everyone lives in tin houses

Me and Kayla- temple trip to Suva

Kristy, Kayla, Me, and Sherry- Just chillin in a waterfall. not a big deal

Coolest rope swing EVER!

Tuesday, June 1, 2010

Delicious Coconut

Lunch at Vanessa's house in Nodolodolo after we built his garden

Me and Courtney looking like raptors. This is just a small taste of what we do every night- I dont think i have ever laughed so much in my life- we are all very good at entertaining each other. this was just last night! recent picture.

Rachelle and Rachelle! me and the girl in black are both Rachelle

korovuo village

here's hopin...


I dont know what the deal is with the pictures, I wanted them all to go at the end of the post, so it would look pretty. oh well, no big deal. I guess it doesnt matter! Here you all goooo

Marie, Dana, Sherry, Me and Nicolle makin our first adobe stove at Rucilla'sMe, Kristy and Dana with some kids from Korovuo! Greatest village ever
Me and some Korovuo kids at their Kava party- this little kid in the orange wouldnt stop sitting in my lap and holding my hand- and the kid in the red is basically my Fijian boyfriend. He loves hugs, it's the best everrr
Sarah, Courtney, Dana, Me, Lisa, and Nicolle- Lucy in the background
We are so cool. Right before we went scuba diving at the Robinson crusoe island- Kayla, Courtney, Me, Brita
Did I tell you how beautiful it is here?
Picture of our house, his name is Kermit. basically, every square inch of the house is painted different shades of green.This is our living room- all of our furniture was donated. Currently, I am sleeping in the coveted hospital chair. It's surprisingly comfy

mah bed- I sleep in a room with 6 other girls! partaaayDinner time! Fish heads
Nicolle, Sherry, and me with our fijian flowers

Alright! I'm going to give this blog update another whack. If it doesn't work again, so help me, I will punch this computer.

I am just going to try to give you a little update on how my average day goes here in Fiji! So there are fifteen volunteers total living in our little house in Tavua, and we are all in charge of our own projects. The projects vary from square foot gardens, to adobe stoves, to teaching health, fitness, nutrition, and business classes. My project is teaching music! It's going a little slow right now, because there haven't ever been any other people before me to teach music, so I'm the pioneer! Basically, there are two parts to my project. 1) I teach music classes to schools, womens groups, and any community group that is interested. Right now, I travel to Lautoka by bus to teach three different villages my lessons once a week- soon I will be teaching in the schools and womens groups. 2) Me and another volunteer, Sherry, teach piano lessons to the students in the LDS chapel (because that's the only place that has a piano, it's a small electric one) after they have their seminary lesson which is after school. So that's the basics of my project, I will keep you updated on that, hopefully it goes well.

In addition to my own project, I help other people with their own projects throughout the week-almost every day we have an adobe stove or a square foot garden to build- in addition to that, we have fitness and health lessons that are really fun to do, mostly with womens groups. Occasionally we work in the hospitals to help take people's vitals and record them down- a huge percentage of the people living in Fiji are diagnosed with diabetes- it's a huge problem. So most people have to have a check up every couple of months, some every couple of weeks, depending on how severe it is. That's also an awesome project to be involved with, I really get the opportunity to work closely with the people here. Did I mention how friendly they all are here?!! I LOVE it! I wish everyone could have a little taste of the Fiji culture at least once in their life- It is honestly the best place ever. Alright! I'm signin out- next time I will bring my journal so I can share some specific experiences- I have a whole bunch of sweeeeet stories I want to share with you all. soooooo stay tuned.