Monday, November 1, 2010

post hallows eve

Here I am, in the good ole' Harold B. Lee library (for once) writing a paper for my survey of world religions class. Of course, I eventually got sick of it. Sooo, to remedy that, I thought I would take a break, and start creepin everyone's blog! After I finished that, I still wasn't feelin quite ready to write for a grade. So, I decided to write for mr blog!

I still haven't found my camera charger. Such a bummer- think of all those things I have done I haven't been able to document! Of which includes one of the greatest halloween weekends I have ever had. Mainly because it was triple the length- Friday, Saturday AND Sunday were all days of celebration! Friday I donned my Injun Pocahontis/Tigerlily outfit complete with a bow and arrows, and headed off to some sort of multi-stake halloween dance with my roomies. After that, I party hopped right over to a Fiji friend's halloween house, complete with a bunch of dead/stuffed animals from the museum. Fabulous. I then dined at the Provo hospital (which, I have just discovered, has a delicious grill which is open 24/7) and ate a grilled cheese with a root beer float. After that, I headed over to another house to finish the night watching Avatar. I don't care what anyone says, that movie rocks.
Saturday night I spent with a few Fiji peeps, ranging from movie watchin (music and lyrics- so great.. aaaaand, hope floats. woops, two movies in one day. That has to be against some sort of rule. Whatever, it was halloween), cosco, and yet another dance partaaaay (dressed as a stick man) complete with deck jumping.

To end the halloween weekend, my mother bribed me, Bry, and a couple of our friends with some soup and breadsticks in Bountiful.... We headed right up there. SO DELICIOUS! Mom, you are the best. Dad, you are the best.

Welp, my new goal is to get a camera battery charger sometime soon. Can't forget to document another weekend like that.

Ok, I guess I'll continue my assignment. Thanks blog for being such a great distraction when absolutely necessary. And when unnecessary I guess.