Monday, May 31, 2010

sorry folks


guys. I finally got a computer that could load pictures. and I had my entire blog posted, and like 10 pictures to go along with it! then my camera ran out of batteries. and scared the computer. so it froze everything, and deleted my blog!!!! sooooo sorry. I will update you soon haha. And you'll get some pictures with it, cause now i know which computer to go to. update soon!

Monday, May 10, 2010


I'm finally here!!
So Thursday at 8 I departed from Salt Lake to LA, and from LA started the 10 hour flight to Nadi Fiji- super long flight, but it wasn't so bad! From there we went on a two hour car ride to where our house is, which is in the city Tavua. There are fourteen of us total living in our little house, and everyone is so great, we are all super close just after 3 days. I guess when there are only three bedrooms, on living room and one kitchen, that's kinda inevitable :).
So, where I live is definitely not what I was expecting Fiji to look like, it kinda reminds me of like, a little town in mexico or something? I LOVE it though! It's so sweet! When we do our projects, we are going to be traveling to the outer villages, which will be a lot more of what I was expecting. And last night we all planned out our weekends (we get the weekends off) for the next six weeks, and we have all sorts of exotic places we have planned to go! It's going to be the bomb. We have like, a horseback ride to some waterfalls planned, a river rafting trip, a weekend to the 'robinson crusoe island' which is apparently the top notch tourist experience (includes snorkeling, beach, fire dancers...), hikes, trips to the temple, and lots more I cant remember. But don't worry, I'll tell you all about them when they happen.
It is soooo beautiful here, but the best part about Fiji by FAR is EVERYONE is so friendly! Everyone loves to wave, and everyone says 'Bula!' to you all the time- which means something along the lines of 'life, welcome, hello,' sorta all those in one. But cooler. But in Tavua, there aren't any tourists that really come, so it's way weird for these people to see white people- especially the kids. They pretty much just stare at us with those big brown eyes in confusion haha. One little girl came up to us in church and just started grabbing our hands and examining them, super confused. Almost all the adults here can speak basic english, both Fijians and Indians alike- but most of the kids don't speak english yet. Last sunday we just went to the local playground and played a game of soccer with like ten Fijian kids, they were so pumped to play with us- it was so much fun!
Since it is their winter season here, it isn't way hot for Fiji, but it's hot for me- it's like 80 degrees every day. Which isn't so bad, but it is just WAY humid- I'm tellin ya right now I have never sweat so much in my life. I'll get used to it though, our house has 8 fans crankin. Feels great.
Well I don't have much time left, we are going to go build some adobe stoves today! Sweeet. So I'll keep you all updated, and next time I will treat you to some pictures if I can figure it out! Bula! Namaste!