Tuesday, August 10, 2010

The Garden Island...

This very day, I am about to depart on a boat -bligh is her name, and go to one of the Fijian Islands called 'Taveuni'. This place, I hear, is one of the most beautiful islands in Fiji, and is home to some sort of flower that will only grow on that very island. I will be going on a saweeeet hike, that has natural water slides made out of rock all throughout the hike- that, should be pretty awesome!!! Anyways, I dont know much, only that it's an 11 hour boat ride to the island, we are stopping at Savu Savu on Vanua Levu (the upper main island of Fiji), spending a day there, and taking another boat ride to Taveuni, and livin the life there for two days, headin back to Savu Savu the next day, then hoppin back on the boat to Tavua. Wednesday night till monday morning- needless to say, I will have used up all my vacation days after this trip- but it's ok, cause i'm pretty pumped about it. Alrighty, I have to be at the dock in about twenty minutes- so till next time reader!


p.s. sorry this is such a short and scrawny post, I didnt have much to say- other than I'm pretty pumped and get ready for some great posts when I come back.

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